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Expertise is an essential part of the services provided. It is essential to be surrounded by partners that are experts in their area and share the same values and passion.


The 6ix Sports leadership accompanies ice hockey players all along their career on the ice - and after their career as athlete. NHL and LNA players are permanent inspiring examples, and such a cooperation offers to remain acute with the sport performance leadership tendencies.


MotionLab is the excellence in sport medical and performance services. It is the ideal partner for combining the obvious and natural link between physical activity (movement) and wellbeing, at work. Science, data based and passion are in the center of the collaboration.


Coaching and Wellbeing

Leadership & wellbeing in sport and in business

I provide a partnership to stimulate your thinking and grow your performance in order to boost your potential.

Let's have a clear goal and enjoy the way towards it.

HR Consultant

You need pragmatic solutions for the development of your organization. Further to your transformation, change management and capability building efforts, you want to strongly consider resilience, energy and well-being.

Management & Athlete coaching




You are performance focus; you believe in mental training and in further leveraging on your full potential. Proven approach bridging upon the best of 2 words - sport and business - will help you growing and performing in your own domain.

Interim HR Manager

You need to replace one of your HR leader for a short period of time at your current running costs ?  An immediate solution, operational since Day 1 - assuming responsibility, taking decisions and ensuring its proper implementation.


Route des Biolley 32, 1615 Bossonnens, Switzerland  Tel: +41 79 859 01 73

Thank you for contacting me!

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