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Accompanying a business transformation does require both a process approach sustained by clear methodology and project management, as well as individuals' focused approach based on respective pace, beliefs and needs.

Image by Wolf Schram

In that respect, talking about a holistic approach includes:


  • alignment of the organization with the business goals

  • definition of the key behaviors impacted by the change

  • involvement of the staff in values definition, project speed and milestones, as well as in success factors definition

  • reflection on digital impact and customer focus demands

  • clarification of the capabilities required, both the skills and the systems

  • change management and activities to accompany people

In addition, it has to encompass as paramount elements resilience and well-being; as such the holistic dimension becomes true and the project can be considered as credible.


In that respect, additionally to my 20 years of business experience, the innumerable bridges between the sports concepts and the business world, I work in close relationship with a partner in the medical field, MotionLab ( and with a partner in the organizational development area, Triaspect ( 

Together we bring the scientific credibility based on researches made in the field of health (with a focus on Resilience and Well-Being), accompanied by the tools and support to adequately consider those paramount elements.


We bring the pragmatism, the expertise, and the tools – always sustained by scientific evidence – of an experience built over 12 years of practice in the field of organizational development.

The type of intervention is very vast and can go from 

  • a quick counseling/advising session on the way to face a situation

  • a project management office regarding the exercise

  • an intervention on one of the more traditional organizational development components (or the whole of them)

  • an intervention on the resilience and well-being elements- that can go from specific theoretical elements to active health concept for the whole enterprise

  • a holistic intervention on your transformation effort.


A constant will be the desire to render sustain your efforts and thus to always hand-over (or coach) an internal team for that purpose (included in the daily fee of the intervention).

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