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Physical Activity - Motivational factors

I have encountered serious resistance several times when talking about the crucial importance of physical activity for well-being at work. It seemed so obvious, that I didn't understand, until I came across this article in the journal "Psychology of Sport and Exercise" that referred to motivational factors for exercise.

This coupled with the connotations of exercise (next paper) explains a lot. Basically, according to the "Self-Determination Theory", there are six different motivational profiles when it comes to exercise. A detection of the motivational profile makes it possible to adapt the program to the people concerned and to significantly reduce the non-participation in the program (only a minority is not motivated by the exercise at all). In summary, in addition to non-motivation (which is very much in the minority), there are the following 5 profiles:

1. Intrinsic motivation: joy and pleasure in being active

2. Integrated regulation: behaviours are a function of the person's self-identity

3. Identified regulation: the meaning a person attributes to being active

4. Introjected Regulation: the internal pressure the person puts on him/herself to be active to avoid feelings of guilt

5. External regulation: external pressure exerted by people around them.

It should be noted, however, that no profile is "pure" and that in addition to motivational factors, barriers (pain, loneliness, "laziness") must also be taken into account.

However, to illustrate these terms, an example relating to "integrated regulation": a high level leader, not identifying with physical activity, but wanting to enjoy her grandchildren; it did not take long to link the image that the person had of herself as close to and active with her grandchildren, so that a very progressive program was defined...

In conclusion, proposing a "corporate health program" without considering the different motivating factors is talking to those who are already aware - in short, it is either spending money for little or buying a good conscience!

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