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Interim HR Manager

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Human Resources Manager

You need to replace one of your HR leaders for a short period of time at your current running costs? An immediate solution, operational since Day 1 - assuming responsibility, making decisions and ensuring their proper implementation.



- Well rounded HR leadership at different levels in the Function 

- Solid leadership and coaching capabilities

- Operationalization of the existing HR processes while optimization of them

- Experience in Transformation and Change management: OD, staffing, capability building

- Expertise in Industrial Relations and processes design

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- Plug-in solution for ensuring full business continuity

- Cost-effective (your salary structure and benefits + satisfaction assessment)

- A new and innovative look at your activities

- Smooth interim and transition staffing reducing risks of extra workload



- Initial conversation to align on respective expectations; includes a review of draft Job Description

- Definition of the assignment and the expected goal - ideally with current incumbent

- After 1 week, review of the objectives - agreement on them with impact on remuneration

- Regular review to align on expectations and to share learning/experience

- Hand over with the new incumbent; decision by the client

- Review of the performance and comparison with objectives and Job Description

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- The cost is based on your salary structure

- Fully loaded cost is equivalent to salary + benefits costs of an employee in this position

- The starting point is -10%; if expectations matched, the 10% is paid back; if exceeded, +10% will be paid

- If not satisfied at all, no costs (beyond the ones covering commuting costs) will be charged

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