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I'm going for it, out of passion!

And here we are, it's been almost 18 months since I changed the way I live, 18 months since I left PMI - a great employer, by the way - and got closer to my passions.

Starting with my family - my first 6 months were entirely devoted to our family; what a joy!

Then, sport - a lifelong passion - thanks to my investment in The 6ix Sport Leadership, as a member of the Board of Directors; as well as through the development of the start-up MotionLab - a unique sports medicine center in Switzerland.

And then, health, by associating MotionLab (very active in public health) and Triaspect - an organization development consulting firm where I am a member of the Board of Directors - which makes it possible to offer corporate health services that are holistic and, above all, scientifically based (I'm sick of pseudo-scientific programs! but more on that in the next issue…).

And finally, individual coaching through my affiliation to the FSP (Swiss Federation of Psychologists) and my certification as an interactional coach and NLP Practitioner.

Thus, I feel well equipped and passionate about launching RC - organization, sport & wellbeing - to bridge the gap between business and sport, by fully integrating the notion of health; as a coach, for individual support, and as a consultant, for organizational support.

And as I like to write, to be continued, as one say...

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