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Two young talents as a source of inspiration

MotionLab and The 6ix Sport leadership offer the opportunity to meet many top athletes - two of them, Nico Hischier and Jérémie Heitz. Two young men with undeniable talent; what impressed me most about them?

1. A taste for hard work

2. Their ability to listen to the experts around them and their curiosity to try out what is offered to them

3. Humility

These 3 characteristics are sometimes considered taboo in the corporate world - but let's face it, to reach your full potential, you have to be willing to spend a lot of time on it, so if you like it, it's easier, right? Surrounding oneself with experts and listening to them seems obvious, but how many experts are hired to reproduce existing patterns... For that, a real humility (on the part of the person who hires) is necessary, the kind that allows one to grow, to surpass oneself and above all to remain curious, because we know what we know, so we better should integrate what we don't know…

All this is summarized in this quote which inspired me to write this text: "The humble man does not believe himself to be inferior to others: he has ceased to believe himself to be superior. He is not unaware of what he is or can be worth: he refuses to be satisfied with it! "André Comte-Sponville

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